Enough of guesses, I'm The Mum!

9/13/2016 10:36:00 AM

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog "Mum It's Ok"!

This blog was born from my passion for writing and my new life as a first-time mom. Here, I will share with you some of the moments of this new mom life, tips, curiosities, recipes, and a thousand and one things about babies and kids, pregnancy, maternity, and paternity.

The birth

When our baby born, it is normal that we don't know everything. Both mother and father are nervous and with some fears about the baby. Fear of letting him fall, afraid that he is not eating well, that he is cold, that he is hot, afraid of everything! It's normal. It's a whole new world for us and now our world and life is our baby.

We have to adapt to the baby and new life that we will have from now on. Little by little we are learning to be parents. And who will teach us, aren't the books, nor the doctors, or the people. Who will teach us to be parents will be our son! Doctors and books give us some help, but as we all know, all babies are different, so all the theories that exist don't apply to all babies.

Enough of Guesses!

Our emotional state after the baby born is a commotion, and as if that were not enough, the "rain of hunches" begins. The neighbor says "The baby should be more dressed, he must be full of cold!". Then we find a cousin who says "Your milk shouldn't be good, the baby is very skinny!". The 5th-grade aunt says "The baby is crying, must be hungry!". In the supermarket, we find someone who hears the baby cry and says "the baby must have colic".

Ah! Besides the guesses we have the beliefs: "You must make a tea of ​​this or that to pass the pains of the belly"; "You should put a bag of hot water under his back"; "turn the baby on its belly"!

Enough! In order not to be rude when one gets such a hunch, we have to say: Ok, The Mother It's Me, I Know It!

I confess I have no patience for people's guesses, especially if they don't make sense to me or if I don't agree with them. I accept advice and good opinions because they are always useful, but senseless guesses, no, thank you!

When little M was born, whenever he cried some people said he was hungry, always! It could not be cramps, fatigue, poop, it was always hungry!

My answer was and is: "I am the mother, so I know how to take care of my child."

So far the guesses have subsided.

We already have so much to worry about and we want so much to enjoy our baby, that so many opinions, often disturb our happiness, and for that very reason, we must "cut the evil soon by the roots."

Whether it be the mother, father, in-laws, friends if someone says something that bothers we should say so soon. We are in our right, so don't feel bad about it. This is supposed to be the best moment of our life, so don't let it spoil you.

A message for the dads: we moms, we become more sensitive after the birth, so "get ahead" and speak, don't let the opinions of family and friends hurt your happiness.

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