Cauliflower and Pumpkin Soup Recipe

10/19/2016 08:32:00 PM

Recipe of pumpkin and cauliflower soup, healthy and super tasty that your baby will love. Prepare the food for your baby is easy, fast and super cheap.

The First Soup


At 6 months, "as a rule", it is time for our babies to start to eat more than just milk. In my case, since I only nursed Mateus up to 2 months and then he drank exclusively baby formula, we had to start this step sooner.

When he has 4 months, we noticed that he was not satisfied with the bottle anymore, so I decided to search for and talk with his pediatrician. She advised us to start giving soup for lunch and two weeks later, start to give fruit.

I can say it was a real marathon! It made the "basic recipe" potato, carrot or pumpkin and a vegetable like lettuce. I can say that for two months it was a real festival for him to eat the soup, just like the fruit. 1 month after we started the soup, and as he didn't eat, we decided to give him fruit and cereal puree. The first week was strange, then he started to love it!

I decided to search and try other things so he could eat the soup, and the secret was to put sweet potatoes! From the day I put sweet potatoes he started to love the soup! So much stress and he just wanted sweet potato! 😅

Nowadays he eats the soup well, with or without sweet potatoes.
When you begin to give the soup to your baby, I advise you to put sweet potatoes or pumpkin because it has a sweeter taste, it is easier for babies to get used to it. Remember, there are babies who eat the soup well and don't weird the flavors or the spoon, and there are others who like my baby don't get used easily.

This is a learning process, and it's all brand new and so it's likely they will cry and weird.

Food diversification

It is important for babies to diversify and try new flavors throughout the first year of life. Each time I give a new food to Mateus, I wait for 3 days to give him something new, so if he has an allergy to some food, I can identify what it is.

Here at home, all that is for Mateus to eat is almost everything made at home, except the baby formula and the yogurt. The food I buy, I try to buy it as biological as possible, so that it is in good health and to preserve nature. As I said before when we prepare our baby's food we are saving money, it is easy, there are no colorants or preservatives and we also always know what he is eating.

Recipe of Cauliflower and Pumpkin Soup

This puree is rich in vitamin A and C, folic acid, improves heart health, increases the immune system, is rich in fiber and more. 

 Here is the recipe so that you may make and save on Pinterest! 😘

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