6 Tips for Breastfeeding without pain

2/09/2017 01:11:00 PM

6 Tips for Breastfeeding without pain www.imthemother.com breastfeeding baby

Breastfeeding is one of the goals and dreams of most mothers, but it is not always easy or painless. But calm down, I have some tips that can help you not to get cracks, or to have a sore chest, so that breastfeeding can be a very special moment between you and your baby.

As I already shared with you, breastfeeding little Mateus was not very easy, and we stopped breastfeeding at 2 months. Now that a year has passed, maybe I would have done things differently and maybe I would have done better, but it's over and he's a super healthy baby.

I decided to research and also with my experience I joined the best tips so that breastfeeding is a good time and not full of pain. The cracks in my chest showed up on the 2nd day, essentially because Mateus did not have a very good handle. To avoid cracks there are many things we can do:

1. During the pregnancy use breast cream (suitable for pregnant women of course!), I used Halibut for pregnant women. In addition to preventing the appearance of stretch marks, you will be moisturizing the chest.

2. Get in a good position for breastfeeding. It is essential that you are comfortable during breastfeeding. Uses a breastfeeding pillow for your convenience and the baby.

3. Help the baby make a good handle. There are babies who take a good handle and others who take some time to learn. Here you should ask for help to your doctor, a nurse or a Breastfeeding Counselor.

4. Before and after each breastfeeding put some breast milk on the nipples, is one of the best ways to hydrate.

5. After every feed you used Purelan (you can use another, this is what I used) is super moisturizing and you do not need to wash the breast because it does not hurt the baby. My problem is that I only put it "once in a while."🙈

6. When you notice that your chest is getting sore, you can use silicone nipples, this will protect your nipple and you will not have so many pain, and the breast will regenerate.

Sometimes, even following all the tips, still appear cracks, in this house talk to your doctor and ask him for advice.

Remember Mom, you are going well! 😘

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